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It can be boring trying to memorise endless pages of notes or reading textbooks over and over. That’s why we are making free video tutorials on topics that we found difficult at medical school. Subscribe to our channel to get updates about new releases.

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Understanding the different types of Contraception

How to Diagnose and Manage AKI's - Renal

Improve your confidence with diagnosing and managing AKIs through our simple, structured approach.
Many medical students find this topic challenging. So we wanted to give a comprehensive overview of AKIs to save you time and reduce that stress of being asked a question, that you don’t know the answer to, by your renal consultant!

How to describe Skin Lesions - Dermatology

Learn our quick and efficient approach to describe a rash!

At first, rashes can all seem the same, but we’ve developed a simple approach to interpret and present the diagnosis that will save you time and sound professional.

How to Take a Medical History - Clincial Skills

In this video, we go through a strategy for taking a medical history. We have combined strategies taught at medical school and our own experiences in order to generate a template to help other medical students with the initially daunting challenge of taking a history.

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