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The best personal statement crash course for students applying to medical school, created by students at the University of Cambridge. Now available as a 9-lesson online course with videos, booklets and tonnes of examples.


You might look at this page and say to yourself, “Oh, it’s just another Personal Statement Course?” It is just going to be someone giving me generic advice to apply to medical school.

I don’t blame you – that’s exactly what I would think if I was reading this for the first time.

If you are looking for generic advice about applying to medical school, this course is not for you!

Instead, this is my tried and tested method that I used to write my personal statement. This helped me get all 4 interviews for medical school and subsequently all 4 offers. 

If you are determined to get into medical school and prepared to put in the hard work, then let me teach you how to write your best personal statement, using the strategies I used myself.

What makes your course different?

A quick question. Would you rather get generic out of date advice from someone who is reading a script or specific strategies from someone who got all 4 offers from medical school!

With my course, we do not start with the personal statement straightaway. You need to understand that writing a top statement requires months of preparation, work experience and learning how the admissions tutors think.

By doing this, you’ll not only write a top statement, but develop a mindset that significantly boosts your chances of getting into medical school. At least, that’s what happened for me.

Detailed Analysis line-by-line and feedback

Using in-depth examples and gaining extensive advice throughout, we analyse examples line-by-line. By the end of this course, you will be able to critique statements like an admissions tutor.

The key to this course is detail. We dedicate one lesson for each section – the opening paragraph, work experience, academic interests, extra-curricular and the conclusion. Learn how to develop these components and then tie them together to create a flow.

Are you not convinced?

If you are reading this, then like me, you have not been convinced by what I’ve said.

So why not test it out for yourself. Get free access to one of my lessons, the PERSONAL STATEMENT BASICS. This lesson covers the qualities that admissions tutors are looking for and how you can demonstrate these qualities.

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Section 1: Understand How to Write a Top Personal Statement

Lesson 1 - Choosing to Study Medicine

Gain an insight into the qualities needed as a doctor and the challenges that face you in a medical career.

Lesson 2 - The Application Process to Medical School

We show you a way of structuring your time to accomplish all of the subsections of the application to a high standard.

Lesson 3 - Personal Statement Basics

We help you understand what universities are looking for and how you can use your experiences to show these qualities.

Section 2: Preparing to Write the Personal Statement

Lesson 4 - Gathering Experience

We show you where to find work experience, volunteering and reading and most importantly teach you a method of how to write about it in your personal statement

Lesson 5 - Writing your Personal Statement

We explain how to structure of a personal statement. We use an example statement and analyse it in detail to enable you to think critically.

Section 3: Writing your best Personal Statement

Lesson 6 - The Opening Paragraph

It is time to start writing your personal statement. It is important to open with a strong first paragraph that grabs the reader’s attention and clearly states your reason to study medicine.

Lesson 7 - Work Experience Paragraph

Including work experience is key to demonstrating your suitability to medicine, however communicating what you have learnt from the experiences and their relevance is a skill that we will develop in this activity of the course.

Lesson 8 - Academic Interests and Key Attributes

In this activity we will go over an important and often neglected component of a personal statement. Excelling in this section can help you stand apart from your competitors.

Lesson 9 - Conclusion and Final Tips

In this last activity, we will develop the skills to construct a final paragraph that ties together your points and fully captures your desire to study medicine.

What will you achieve?

By the end of the course, you'll be able to...

Why Our Course

9 video lessons

Full comprehensive videos covering each section in detail

9 booklets

A workbook which accompanies each video lesson

Great feedback received

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Study online, anywhere, anytime

Can watch on your phone, IPad, computer anytime

Structured course

Precise, detailed information with a clear structure

Written by Cambridge Graduates

Written by successful medical students

Course Instructor

This course is taught by Ankit, founder of In2Med. Ankit applied to medical school in 2015 and was successful in obtaining offers from all 4 medical schools he applied to.

These included the university of Cambridge, UCL, Kings College London and Queen Mary London. 

Ankit loves teaching and has put up all his medicine notes for free which you can find on In2Med. He is currently 2 months away from graduating to start an academic foundation training post at Hammersmith Hospital, London. 

Our Reviews

A small snippet of what our students say about us.

This course gave me brilliant insight into the structure and content of my personal statement, to make it stand out to top universities.
Chloe Parker
This course was extremely helpful and interactive. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to study medicine, regardless of how confident you feel about the personal statement
Olivia Robertson

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