What this Module Involves

This module is organised differently to the other clinical modules. Rather than being segregated into background knowledge, pharmacology, investigations and conditions, it assumes that you have a pre-existing knowledge of the different organ systems and anatomy. Instead, we go through each organ system covering first the basic embryology needed before diving into the clinical conditions and their diagnosis and management, learning the pharmacology and investigations along the way.


Section 1:
OrGan Systems

This section covers the paediatric conditions divided by the different organ systems: cardiovascular, respiratory, GI, renal and neurology. Like always we go through the pathology, symptoms, diagnosis and management of each condition.

Section 2:
Genetic Disorders

This section looks at genetic conditions which affect young children. This includes large chromosomal abnormalities like Down’s syndrome and Patau syndrome as well as the disorders of sexual development like Turner’s syndrome.

Section 3:

This section goes through the various infectious diseases that commonly affect children, including chickenpox and meningitis.  Many of these affect adults, however the symptoms, diagnostic ranges and  the management will be different for children.

Section 4:

In this section, we go through the how the 6 week check is carried out. We also look at the complication which affect neonates such as sudden infant death syndrome. This section also looks at the complications of prematurity in babies.

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