Our Story

For students, by students, because only someone who’s been there can understand

In2Med was founded by two students studying medicine at Cambridge University. Friends often moan about their courses at the end of a long day, but Ellie and Ankit decided to actually do something to make things better!

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A bit about us


"The idea behind In2Med started because I knew how difficult it can be to get into med school. With all the competition out there a personal statement is vital, but many schools can’t support students in writing them, particularly schools in more deprived areas. I wanted to create a course that would help students from less advantaged backgrounds to get a place at university, and introduce more variety into the medical profession.

The course was originally launched for students in India but it soon became clear that it was also popular in the UK. Meanwhile, I felt nervous and a little lost as a new student. I knew that many others would be in the same boat and I wanted to create something that would help. It would need to be both affordable and genuinely useful, interactive and suited to the modern world.

I wanted to create one place where any medical student could go to find the resources they needed and interact with alike minded community, reducing the anxiety that we all shared."
"Having grown up in Scotland I knew very little about the English education system, or what the requirements were to apply to medical school. I did some research but even so, my application to Cambridge felt like a stab in the dark. I want to take away some of that uncertainty, so that potential medics don’t get put off before they have even started!

Like many people, I found the move from school to university a daunting step. The thing that helped me most was forming a network of peers, a community of others going through the same challenges that I was. We were able to provide each other with emotional support and encouragement but more than that, we were able to pool our resources.

For me, that’s one of the big strengths of In2Med, it’s more than just a source of information. It’s a community in which each member is a vital part, whether that’s learning or contributing to the resource bank."


Meet the Team

Making In2Med what it is today would not have been possible without the help of our team.

Our team is made up of medical students all with a range of different skills, including web development, social media marketing, writing interesting courses and so much more. But at the end of the day, we are all medical students just like you. Our dedication and love of teaching helps us work together to design high quality educational content. Below you’ll find profiles of all our current team members.



Content Creation


Feedback & Reviews

We are really proud of our feedback that our previous training courses have received. We hope to build and learn from this when designing future courses and content for medical students.

"This course gave me brilliant insight into the structure and content of my personal statement, to make it stand out to top universities."
"I would happily recommend this to anyone applying for medicine"
"This course was extremely helpful and interactive. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to study medicine, regardless of how confident you feel about the personal statement"

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