What this Module Involves

This module first covers the basics of pregnancy – including staging, development of the placenta, important dates and how labour works. We then go through the various tests and investigations that women undergo and the various screening programmes available during their antenatal scans. The last section then goes through the different conditions, from early pregnancy to labour and post-partum.


Section 1:

To begin with, we understand how pregnancy is dated. We then go through how the placenta develops and the maternal adaptations that occur in order to support the developing fetus. The remaining part focuses on labour and what other options exist when a natural vaginal delivery may not be possible.

Section 2: Tests and investigations

We start with covering the basics behind antenatal scans and the different screening tests available and how they work. The remaining part then focuses on the antenatal diagnostic tests available, such as amniocentesis, cordocentesis and chorionic villus sampling, covering their advantages and potential risks.

Section 3:

In this section, we first start with the early pregnancy conditions such as morning sickness and types of miscarriage. We then go through more serious problems like pre-eclampsia as well as covering the management of pre-existing conditions during pregnancy, before covering labour complications and post-partum conditions.

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