What this Module Involves

This module first covers the essential anatomy of the upper and lower limbs, summarised across 2 pages. In the pharmacology section, we cover the different types of immunosuppressants and their mechanism of action and the analgesics including NSAIDs. The conditions are divided into the trauma and orthopaedics section where we cover physical injuries and traumatic conditions – next we go through different types of MSK conditions including bone disorders and the connective tissue diseases and rheumatological conditions.


Section 1: Background

To begin with, we need to review the anatomy of the upper and lower limbs, going over the main bones, muscles and their origins, insertion points main functions. We then go over a brief synopsis of the vasculature of the lower limbs before covering the pain pathway, building the platform for the upcoming sections.

Section 2: pharmacology

This section starts by going through the immunosuppressants and the DMARDs, explaining their mechanism of action and key side effects. This includes some of the newer monoclonal antibodies. We then cover the NSAIDs, their key side effects and important complications such as Reye’s syndrome and salicylism.

Section 3: conditions

In this section, we start by going through  trauma and orthopaedics, covering traumatic injuries and types of fractures, ligament injuries and muscle tears.. We then go through bone disorders before diving into rheumatology Рcomparing osteoarthritis and the inflammatory arthritis, connective tissue diseases and vascultides.

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