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We couldn’t find a resource designed for medical students that had everything you needed to learn clinical medicine. So we made our own portal, collating a set of medical notes to cover the medical syllabus. 

Obstetrics notes coming out on June 13th 2021

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Why Use These Notes

Track your learning

Monitor your progress and set deadlines

Comprehensive notes

Notes written in a system-based approach

Great feedback received

Heavily recommended by our test of 200 students

Study online, anywhere, anytime

Study on your laptop, tablet, phone anywhere

Structured course

Each module has the same consistent structure

Written by Cambridge Graduates

Written by successful graduates who scored a 1st

Not just another generic online textbook

Do you wish you one resource that you could trust to get all the information you need?

These notes are one of the most comprehensive online resource that you will find. For each topic, information is divided into 4 sections, which gives you a thorough understanding of the topic. Whether you are on the go, studying in the library or trying to revise the night before your exam, these notes aim to reduce feelings of anxiety with their really easy to follow structure.

Each topic is split into the following sections, making it much easier for you to learn.

Feedback & Reviews

I like how the notes are divided into sections and organized in a way that helps me build on my knowledge. The notes go through the basics of each topic first then move on to the more advanced clinical and pharmacological concepts.
Aya Hamad
Hull-York Medical School
The notes were both specific and detailed. They were tailored to the right level of depth
Meghna Thakrar
Birmingham Medical School

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