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Free Medicine Notes

Being a medical student can be overwhelming, you’re bombarded by information from so many sources that it’s difficult to know what to do first. Many students become burnt out, or start cutting corners and making mistakes.

Try our In2Med online portal contains all our medicine notes in one place. Its completely free, so click on the modules below to start find out more and start learning!


This module first covers the basic anatomy and physiology of the endocrine system...

Written by Ankit Chadha

This module covers the basic principles of how we assess skin lesions...

Written by Ankit Chadha

This module first conducts a basic overview of the red blood cell and the constituents of haemoglobin...

Written by Ankit Chadha

AFP Online Crash Course

This is an in depth course that goes through in detail every aspect of the application process for the academic foundation programme, including the application form, white space questions, academic and clinical interview.

Learn a tried and tested method that was helped get get offers from both London and Oxford.

Pathology Cases

Test yourself with these pathology cases. Practice thinking of key differentials, interpreting investigations and applying your knowledge to answer these clinical cases.


Learning medicine can get really laborious and boring. So why do it alone? With our online live webinars, get the chance to learn from the very best in their field right in front of your screen.

These are interactive sessions, full of key medical theory, quizzes and much more to make even the hardest topics interesting.

Tips and Advice

Written by medical students for medical students. Grab a coffee and explore our blog to discover the bigger picture of life at medical school, and how the team have navigated those difficult questions.

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