HGF offers 15 free places to students on free school meals

In2Med is proud to announce that through our collaboration with the Hemraj Goyal Foundation, we are now able to offer 15 students on free school meals free access to our personal statement course. 

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Coming Soon for 2021-22 Application Year. 

Hemraj Goyal Foundation In2Med Bursary

The Hemraj Goyal Foundation strives to make huge and lasting difference to the quality of life of those less fortunate and In2Med are delighted to be working with them to make the application to medical school more accessible.

Therefore, the Hemraj Goyal Foundation are offering 15 students on free school meals free access to In2Med online course, “How to Write a Medical personal statement.” To be eligible for the bursary, students need to sign up to the free trial and fill in the application form. Places will be awarded on a rolling basis.

Places will be given to those students who match the criteria on a first come first serve basis. There are still places available so don’t waste time and apply.

What the Personal Statement course entails?

In2Med have created an entirely online personal statement course to help students with their application for medical school. Our course will show you how to write amazing personal statements that will not just cover all the requirements but shine above the competition. This is about more than what to write, we understand what it’s like to struggle to find work experience or wonder what to do about predicted grades and we give full advice on every aspect of the process. To find out more information of the personal statement course, please click here

The course includes:

  • 9 video lessons each with a downloadable workbook
  • Example personal statements with detailed feedback
  • Information about all UK medical school’s entry requirements
  • Watch it as many times as you want until October 15th 2020
  • Learn where to find work experience, volunteering and reading

Who are the Hemraj Goyal Foundation? 

The HGF are a registered charity that work in the UK and globally to build a more sustainable future for the children of today. This family founded foundation focuses on the provision of financial and human resources to individuals less fortunate. It is their ambition to make lasting difference to individual’s lives through funding, skills training and next generation philanthropy work.

They are now celebrating their 10th anniversary and In2Med are delighted to be working with them to provide our personal statement course for free to pupil premium students. For more information about HFG, click here

Who is eligible to apply?

The HGF bursary supports school students aspiring to apply to medicine who are currently on free school meals.

Pupil premium is a government grant that aims to narrow the attainment gap by supporting the most disadvantaged students. The grant is offered based on income and family upheaval and provides free school meals to eligible students.

To apply click the link below to make a free account for the personal statement course trial and fill in the application form. 

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