Clinical Examinations

What this Module Involves

This module takes you through the different types of examination, using a consistent systematic approach each time. The examinations have instructions, common findings with images allowing you to learn what exactly to look for when conducting these clinical examinations. We start with the big 3 (Cardiovascular, respiratory and abdominal) before covering the neurological examinations and the musculoskeletal ones.


Section 1:
The Big 3

To begin with, we cover the 3 most important examinations for a medical student to learn using a highly systematic logical method, both easy to remember and one which makes presentation much easier. This is the cardiovascular, respiratory and abdominal examinations.

Section 2:

The section covers the 3 monst common neurological exams: Upper and lower limb neuro and cranial nerves. A key part of these examinations is the section on understanding where the nerve lesion is, and helping differentiating upper vs lower motor neurone lesions,

Section 3:

This section goes through the GALS exam (gait, arms, legs and spine). We use this screening exam as a platform from which to learn the remaining MSK exams in a systematic manner – knee, hip, shoulder and hand, breaking each examinaiton into look, feel, move components.

Section 4:

In this section, we go through the more ambiguous examinations that students may be asked to know, such as the peripheral vascular examination. Watch this section for new additions from time to time such as an examination of the thyroid and a rash.

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