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Grab a coffee and explore our blog to discover the bigger picture of life at medical school, and how the team have navigated those difficult questions.

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What Our Aim is...

Sometimes it feels as if medical school is all about pressure to do well in exams, but of course you have a bigger end goal in mind than just a certificate!

As you progress through university you’ll start to wonder things like: 

  • How do I pick a speciality? 
  • How do I apply for the foundation year? 
  • Should I consider studying in the USA? 
  • Are there opportunities outside medicine that I should consider?

These big questions aren’t always easy to answer and sometimes you might wish you could just have a drink with someone who’s been there before and pick their brains! 

This is even better. As you explore our blogs you’ll discover the thoughts and personal experiences of our growing student community. So you can learn from many viewpoints, and you won’t even have to buy a round.

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