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We are looking for medical students across the UK to become In2Med representatives for their medical schools. As an In2Med rep, you’l be in charge of helping spread awareness about In2Med to students at your university. This includes posting on social media about new videos, new modules, new courses and much more.

This is a great way to demonstrate interest in medical education, an essential skill for your future applications. You’ll also get to be part of a great community of like minded students helping to create a genuinely useful medical resource.  Just get in touch using the form below. We look forward to hearing from you…

University of Aberdeen

Frances is a 1st year Medical student. Prior to this, she completed an undergraduate degree in Anatomy. When not studying she will either be playing hockey or out and about with her dogs.

University of Birmingham

Meghna is a medical student at the University of Birmingham. With an interest in gastro medicine, she enjoys getting involved in teaching and medical education. In her spare time, she plays the piano and loves to dance.

University of Dundee

Sophie is a 5th year medical student at the University of Dundee who has a passion for paediatrics and women’s health.

University of Glasgow

Mckenze is 4th year medical student at Glasgow who completed an intercalated year in Genetics. She also plays hockey for Scotland and is a member of the Great Britain U23 squad.


Kings College London

Neslihan is a 2nd year medical student at King’s College London. She has a keen interest in radiology, oncology and MedTech.

University of York

Aya is an international student in her first year at the Hull York Medical School. She lives in Abu Dhabi but is originally from Egypt. In her free time, she enjoys photography and volunteering and is also interested in helping to combat health inequalities.

University Of Liverpool

Sara is a 4th year medical student at Liverpool University. Also a keen writer, make sure to check our her blog on a guide to surviving life on the wards.

University of Nottingham

Nayan is in his first year and enjoys mentoring prospective medical students. He is passionate about widening participation and interested in surgery as well as medical education.

University of Swansea

Maisy is currently in her 3rd year of Graduate Entry Medicine at Swansea University. She previously did an undergraduate degree in Medical Physiology.

University College London

Electra is a 5th year medical student who moved to London from Athens and intercalated in Physiology. She has a keen interest in dermatology and lifestyle medicine. She enjoys running, cooking, and also mentoring students going into medicine.

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